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Beach (Sand) Soccer Do’s and Don’ts:

Sand Socks

Sand socks are not required but the sand will be very hot and it’s highly recommended that you wear something on your feet.

Approved footwear includes:

  • Sand socks - will be available for sale in limited quantities at the tournament.
  • Gym socks - you’ll have to probably take them off after every shift to empty out the sand. Bring several pair for the weekend.
  • Pre-wrap and athletic tape - you can tape your foot up for comfort and relief from the heat
  • Barefoot

Un-Approved footwear:

You CANNOT participate wearing the following:

  • Hard soled shoes
  • Cleats
  • Water (river) shoes

Shin guards are not required and would be difficult to wear without socks!

Who’s Allowed On The Sand?


Only tournament participants will be allowed on the sand. Please keep your young children off and out of the sand between periods and games.

Good luck and have a great tournament!