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Beach (Sand) Soccer FAQs:

Q:  What exactly is Beach or Sand Soccer?

A:  Pretty simple - It’s soccer played in the sand. A few

things, though, set it apart from the grass game, notably a smaller playing area and the fact that there are only 5 players on the field (6 for U8 and below) for each team with a maximum roster of 12.

Q:  What is the size of the field?

A:  The field is approximately 35 yards by 25 yards

Q:  How big are the goals?

A:  The goals are 6’ x 18’

Q:  How long are the games?

A:  The games are three 15 minute periods

Q:  How many games will we play?

A:  There is a 3 game minimum guarantee plus finals (if you qualify).

Q:  Do we wear shoes when playing?

A:  No - you can’t wear shoes. You would either play barefoot or there are sand socks that will be available that are designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable on the hot sand.

Q:  What are the rules for beach soccer?

A:  A complete list of rules can be viewed here.

Q:  What’s the biggest difference between Beach / Sand Soccer and grass soccer?

A:   It’s the fact that a soccer ball tends not to roll in the sand. In other words: It’s kicked, it lands, it stops. That’s why the most successful teams are the ones that keep the ball elevated.

See videos of Beach Soccer being played

How Did They Do That?!

Our tournament staff is going to take a standard grass soccer field and transform it into a sand soccer paradise!

To do this we will bring in over 300 tons of sand per field to create beach quality fields for our participants to play on.

When we are done we will have created a soccer experience never before seen in Kansas City!

Don’t miss out!