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Registration & Check-In Requirements

Your team will not be considered for the tournament until your team’s registration payment has been made.

Already registered but need to pay?

Game Times:

Games will start Friday, July 14 and run through Sunday, July 16.

Check-In Requirements

The maximum roster size for all age groups will be 12 players.

U9 and older teams will play 5v5 (4 field players plus a goalkeeper)

U8 and younger teams will play 6v6 (5 field players plus a goalkeeper)

Tournament Check In Requirements:

  • Teams will be required to show proof of age for their players (player card, driver’s license, birth certificate)
  • Teams will be required to submit a roster prior to their first game. If you completed a roster when you registered your team that will be used.
  • Teams will be required to submit a medical waiver for each player

Team Uniforms - teams can wear jerseys or t-shirts and jersey numbers are not required but the team needs to all be the same color.

Helpful Links:

Determine Your Team’s Age Group

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Medical Waivers

Official Roster Form

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